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Kanye West Taken to Psychiatric Ward for… Wait for It… SPEAKING TRUTH!!!

'The Jonathan Ross Show' TV Programme, London, Britain. - 28 Feb 2015

Kanye West was hospitalized Monday, handcuffed and taken against his will. His personal trainer decided that he had been “acting erratically” and decided to call the police. People Music now claims that Kanye is just exhausted, suffering from sleep deprivation, and that he chose to go to the hospital of his own free will. It seems strange that the stories would change within a few days.

Of course, this must have nothing to do with the fact that, on tour, Kanye had just supported Donald Trump (oh, the horror!), denounced Hillary Clinton, and told his fans that Facebook, Apple, and the media was lying to them. Mainstream media called this truth-telling “a series of bizarre” incidents. Oh, and what takes the cake is that Kanye knows about Pizzagate and that he told his fans about that, too. The Big Brother certainly doesn’t want that getting out. No wonder Kanye was handcuffed and hauled off to the hospital. Anyone who tells the truth and knows a little too much in this age is obviously mentally unstable. (Shouldn’t celebrities like Madonna be the ones deemed as needing help instead?)

Anna Elizabeth is a university undergraduate who is tired of seeing how no one wants to listen to the truth these days, all fed by the lies of the mainstream media.