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Vampire Stories {Book Review}

Hey all! I wanted to start getting on top of the Classics Club posts, so I’ll be posting reviews for the latest two books I read pretty quickly. Here is the first of the two.

Did you know that Arthur Conan Doyle and Bram Stoker were friends and actually influenced each other’s work? I didn’t know until this book!

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Classics Club Challenge: 1/100 books

PopSugar Challenge: A book featuring an extinct or imaginary creature AND A book with a two-word title

Time Period: 19th Century

Rating: 4 stars

This book of short stories was fantastic for an English major like myself fascinated with all Victorian work and allusions, writing influences, etc. etc. who also adores both Dracula and Sherlock Holmes.

The vampire stories, on the other hand, were not quite what I expected. While I did really enjoy the stories, I would call them more vampire-influenced than anything, particularly some of the Sherlock Holmes stories towards the end. The editorial notes at the end of each story insisted they were so much like Bram Stoker’s work, but I just didn’t see it. I think the editors were honestly trying to push the vampire agenda so much that they were trying to find connections where they weren’t really there. All in all, the stories were good (of course – because they were written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), but I could have done without some of the editorial notes. My favourite was the probably the one with the woman who could influence people to do whatever she willed (within reason).

Finally, the editor note at the end really got me.

Robert Eighteen-Bisang is best-known as the owner of the world’s most famous collection of rare vampire books.


Anna is currently finishing her Education degree. Her guilty pleasure is vampire stories (especially the classic ones, but she did once write a Fall Out Boy / Supernatural fanfiction concerning vampires that she is still not sorry for.)

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