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Andrew Scheer is Just Another Politician With Pretty Words and Not Much Backbone

Andrew Scheer. (Chris Roussakis)

Since our next federal election is coming up in a year, I thought it might be worthwhile to look at who could overtake Pretty Boy (But Useless) Trudeau – the leader of the Conservative party, Andrew Scheer. I mean, it’s not much to hope for since our Conservative party is basically just another Liberal party, but there’s hope, right?


Just a quick scan of the internet tells one pretty much all you need to know about Scheer. He’s against same-sex marriage and abortion and euthanasia and all these darn “green” and “carbon tax” laws, which is all well and good, but is he actually going to go with his word? (Trump certainly didn’t.) But he was for Canada’s military advancement (aka the so-called “peacekeeping”) in Ukraine because f*** Russia, of course. (Of course he loves Israel because nothing says “O Canada” more than “let’s support the murder of more Palestinian children.”) He refused to talk to Rebel Media about Charlottesville because he didn’t like it’s “editorial directions.” Therefore, a big f-you to our alternative media as well. According to Wikipedia, “Scheer has promised that universities or colleges ‘that do not foster a culture of free speech and inquiry on campus’ will not receive federal funding under his government.” Sounds like a shaky coverup for another totalitarian scheme, since you’ve already shown yourself to be not interested in what other people have to say, Mr. Scheer.

He wants to take away the power of RCMP to reclassify guns (and give it to who?? Big government?? Yes because apparently, he’s going to be “beholden to the people” unlike the authorities who actually talk to and engage with normal people on a daily basis). …. Aaaaaand he’s a gun holder himself. (Sounds a little hypocritical, but maybe that’s just me.)

He’s a bit of an apologetic sort, too (sounds like a PM we know, huh?). He’s apologized for Gerry Ritz calling the  Environment Minister Catherine McKenna a ‘Climate Barbie’ (I don’t know about you, but I kind of like this Ritz guy). He didn’t like that Senator Lynn Beyak wrote a letter suggesting Indigenous people want to get things with no effort, to the point that he expelled her from the party. I would never say all Indigenous people are lazy, but come on. There are lazy people in every bunch, no matter the race. Sounds like Scheer is extra eager not to look racist, to the point where he is willing to shut down FREE SPEECH. Use your facts to make someone look laughable rather than shutting them up. It just shows that you have no real arguments. But, I mean, what else is new under the northern sun. I know we Canadians are known for our apologizing, but I miss back when we were polite but wouldn’t stand back down when our ideals were being questioned. Back when we had ideals. How far back do we have to go for that, you ask? I’ll let you know when I finally figure out. God have mercy on our souls if it’s all the way back to the time of settlers.

Oh, and Scheer describes himself as a feminist. Yeah, I’m holding back the vomit, too. My favourite is that he “studied history after finding politics theory too difficult.” Yeah, I know. The politician. Found politics too difficult. Sounds like you’d better suited as a professor of history if I’m not mistaken, Mr. Scheer. You’d really love it among the academics, who do nothing much all day besides reassuring one another how awful white supremacists are and digging up “research” on how “everyone in the past was actually gay, you guys.” Whoops. Except maybe the second one. But looking at your record, you love to bite your tongue and act as accepting as you can to make people love you, Mr. Scheer. Just like every other politician. One may smile, and smile, and be a villain.

“My life growing up was a lot like other Canadians. I had a paper route, my mom was a nurse, and my dad worked for the newspaper. We didn’t even have a car. Canadians need leaders who understand the challenges they face,” Scheer said on Twitter in January. Says the man who is obviously just looking for power now. I’m not buying it. Neither should you.

Anna Elizabeth is a cynical student teacher who is, unfortunately, resigned to the fact that Scheer is probably our only way of getting rid of Trudeau. When can we make some actual change in this country, please?

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