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Anna’s Favourites Day 15: Keith Urban

I was on vacation over May long weekend, but now I am back at the music posts again!



I don’t have a lot of K artists that I know of, but Keith Urban is definitely a favourite.

1. What draws me to this particular artist’s music?

Country. Good lyrics and excellent music.


2. Which is my favourite album or EP from this artist?

I haven’t listened to much of his other albums, so the Greatest Hits is an easy choice.

3. What is my favourite song from this artist?

See all below. 😉

4a. Which songs best describe my past?

None of Keith’s songs that I know really work. So I’m going to jump in with an amazing song from The Killers that my friend-and-prayer-buddy sent me. Without further ado, I present to you… “Miss Atomic Bomb.” (I have a lot of feelings about this song, but it would take a whole blog post for analysis and the deep thoughts. :P)

Cast out of the night, well you’ve got a foolish heart
So you took your place but the fall from grace was the hardest part
It feels just like a dagger buried deep in your back
You run for cover but you can’t escape the second attack
Your soul was innocent, she kissed him and she painted it black

Also, Kelsea Ballerini’s “Peter Pan.”

You don’t understand
You’ll never grow up
You’re never gonna be a man

4b. Which songs best describe my life right now?

“Put You In a Song” and “Long Hot Summer” (just you wait).

I wanna put you in my car and drive
And turn you up loud, roll down all the windows and shout it out
I love this girl oh
If I could press play, repeat how happy I’d be
Wherever I’d go I’d have you there with me
You’d be right where you belong

4c. Which song best describes I want my future to be like?

Queue to me listening to “Making Memories of Us” and tearing up at how perfect the lyrics are.

5. Which songs best describes my #aesthetic?

“Where the Blacktop Ends” and “Days Go By,” probably.

Days go by
I can feel ’em flying
Like a hand out the window in the wind as the cars go by
It’s all we’ve been given
So you better start livin’ right now

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