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Anna’s Favourites Day 14: J

Out of all the J artists I have on iTunes, Josh Groban would probably be my favourite for just the Beauty of his music, with Josh Gracin coming in for a close second since he’s a great country artist. However, since I have so many singleton favourites, I’m going to let this post just be a mismatch of them all and focus on the last few questions from my questions list. This post shall be a mixture of classical crossover, country, and a few others which I don’t know how to brand.


4a. Which song best describes my past?

“I’ll Be Good” by Jaymes Young (although, to a certain extent, still nowadays). “February Song” by Josh Groban.
4b. Which song best describes my life right now?

“My Confession” by Josh Groban (interesting that the person chose religious pictures for this song – I suppose it can work, now that I think about it). “Chi Mai Vivrà Per Sempre” by Jonathan & Charlotte (I have to say, I like this one much better than the original *gasp*).
4c. Which song best describes I want my future to be like?

Jason Aldean’s “Tattoos on This Town.”
5. Which song best describes my #aesthetic?

Jake Owen’s “American Country Love Song” without a question (Canadian here, but country and freedom run strong in my blood – guess that’s what I get for being a fourth-generation descendent in Stampede City and for having a Slavic mom).

“There Will Be A Day” by Jeremy Camp. “I Refuse” by Josh Wilson. “Hands” by Jewel (the Christmas version).


6. Any other good songs to share that I love?

Of course! But I’ll just stick to a few favourites:

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