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Anna’s Favourites Day 13: Imagine Dragons



1. What draws me to this particular artist’s music? Which is my favourite album or EP from this artist?

I really like the alternative rock sound of Imagine Dragons. While the band has transitioned to more electronic-alternative music recently, I still quite enjoy their music. I’m really enjoying the songs released from Evolve so far, so I think I like it just as equally as Night Visions so far.

3. What is my favourite song from this artist?

Most of my favourites are below, but I also really like “Radioactive,” “Bleeding Out” (not the full song here but I wanted to show off one of my favourite music videos I made), and “America.”

4a. Which song best describes my past?

“Demons,” “My Fault,” and “Dream” – but especially “Nothing Left to Say.”

Who knows how long
I’ve been awake now?
The shadows on my wall don’t sleep
They keep calling me, beckoning…
Who knows what’s right?
The lines keep getting thinner

4b. Which song best describes my life right now?

“I Bet My Life” (song written for the writer’s mother) could work as well as “It’s Time.”

5. Which song best describes my #aesthetic?

The two new songs from Evolve “Whatever It Takes” and “Believer” describe me so very well.

First things first
I’ma say all the words inside my head
I’m fired up and tired of the way that things have been […]
Second thing second
Don’t you tell me what you think that I can be


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