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Anna’s Favourites Day 9: G

Rather than sticking to one artist as when I have great favourites for a letter, I’m just going to post songs from a singer and band I like (but not as much as others), as well as perhaps a couple singletons. Main two are Gabrielle Aplin and A Great Big World.

1. What draws me to these particular artists’ music?

Gabrielle Aplin has a very lovely voice. While I haven’t listened to her more recent album, I love the soft indie sound of her first, English Rain. As for A Great Big World, I just really like a bunch of their songs – either because they hit me hard because they’re tragically beautiful – or is beautifully tragic?? (like “Say Something”) or because they’re just so happy and cute and make me smile (like “Cheer Up!”).

3. What are my favourite songs from these artists?

Gabrielle Aplin“November” (my absolute favourite of hers)

A Great Big World“Rockstar” and “Land of Opportunity”

Others“How It’s Going to Be” by Gerard Way (this could probably fit for #5 as well)

We fought the world with hands twice-tied
The people cheered, the captain cried
4a. Which song best describes my past?

“Please Don’t Say You Love Me” by Gabrielle Aplin


4b. Which songs best describes my life right now?

“Already Home” by A Great Big World and “Salvation” by Gabrielle Aplin fit very well.

If only New York wasn’t so far away
I promise this city won’t get in our way
When you’re scared and alone
Just know that I’m already home
4c. Which song best describes I want my future to be like?

Hmmm. “Home” by Gabrielle Aplin.


5. Which song best describes my #aesthetic?

“I Vow to Thee My Country” because it just gives me the nationalistic feels and makes me want to fight for God.

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