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Anna’s Favourites Day 2: Bleachers

I only have one album from this band, but I really love their music. This is another alternative music choice, of course. 😉


  1. What draws me to this particular artist’s music? 

My friend Dru sent me “I Wanna Get Better” probably close to two years ago, as one of her many ways of support. I instantly fell in love with the song, but didn’t listen to the entire album until probably almost a year later. I just really love their unique sound that’s so different from anything else I listen to – and the lyrics, as always.

2. Which is my favourite album or EP from this artist?

I’ve only listened to Strange Desire so far. (I have this stubborn inclination to sometimes, never ever, listen to other albums of an artist, in fear that I won’t like their other music and I’ll feel that I can’t call them a favourite anymore.)

3. What is my favourite song from this artist?

“Like A River Runs” (This one has the best sound of all the tracks on this album, in my opinion.)

Your light it follows me in darkness
I’m trying hard but I can’t win
And I’ve played the victim for a long long time
And I wanna grow up
From the rhythm a young, from the rhythm of a younger heart
It leads just like a river runs

4a. Which song best describes my past?

“I Wanna Get Better”

How a life can move from the darkness
She said to get better
So I put a bullet where I shoulda put a helmet
And I crash my car cause I wanna get carried away

4b,c. Which song best describes my life right now? Which song best describes I want my future to be like?

I’m just going to put these two songs here. Haha.


And now I’m running and I can’t stop anywhere I go
I think about it everyday and night I can’t let go
Man, I’m never the same
We were shotgun lovers
I’m a shot gun running away

“Wake Me”

If you’re lonely lonely lonely wake me
I can’t believe I captured your heart

Other Honourable Mentions

I really love Blake Shelton’s music since I’m a country girl at heart. 😉 His song “Came Here to Forget” can go in the “recent present” life tag, I guess. I also LOVE Bastille’s music – “The Weight of Living” can go under 4a and “What Would You Do” under #3 (because I love edgy realistic songs).


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