The Horrifying Side of Feminism

Ever since becoming an ex-feminist, I find something nearly every day to shock me and horrify me how toxic feminism is.

This comment from a young man on a friend’s Facebook post took the cake:

“as a boy, i still say kill all men. kill them. if that includes me, ill be sadly collateral. men are awful, so fucking awful.”

I would have commented on the post, but unfortunately, I had to leave my computer and when I returned, the entire post was gone. However, I distinctly remember feminists answering this young man’s comment, encouraging him on.

I find this so sad. So many young men and boys are growing up in a climate where they are told that they are toxic, that there’s something wrong with them, and there’s nothing they can do about it – they will always be horrible, horrible people.

I went onto one of my anti-feminism Facebook pages (Women Against Feminism – the group includes men as well). I got a few very good comments back that I would like to share with you all.

“The propaganda pushed by the feminist movement has caused men to become weak and lose their sense of self-worth in society. It’s shit like this that makes me proud to say that I’ll fight tooth and nail every day to make sure that feminist snakes are exposed as the true evil in our society.”

(Rafael Santiago)


“I am tempted not to pity him.

But that’s just the issue. Men and boys have been divided from themselves/

The hand that rocks the cradle has been raising boys that hate themselves, to destroy themselves and other men.

That same hand will not acknowledge the male sucide epidemic, the fact that under traditionalism, boys before this have also been raised to hate and destroy themselves and other men. WIth oly the difference that at least previously boys were allowed a childhood. And a chance to get out via education, innovation, meeting and marrying and making friends with the right people.

If a man did the right thing, he might be able to be successful. Now even if he is successful, he will become a prey to woman. Taking his assets. Taking his children. Its either invisible and homeless or dead, or a target on his back.”

(Brent Black)

I saved this post, planning to write more once I finish exams. However, I think it would best to just leave the comments as they are and let them speak for themselves. More coming after exams are done.


3 thoughts on “The Horrifying Side of Feminism

  1. I once once told by the spokeswoman for an anti-bigotry group that men are irredeemable and no amount of education will save them, but that we are still obligated to follow every feminist command anyway. I’m paraphrasing, but I gave up and went away after that. Four years later, I still wish that I had immediately replied with “Well, if I’m wrong for doing and wrong for not-doing, then I’m going to get the exact same thing from you whether I do what you want or not. So what incentive do I have to act like a decent human being? Why should I deny myself what you claim is my instinct if there is nothing to replace it? I’ll just go off and be what I want to be, rather than what you desire.”


  2. My mother’s brand of feminism went from wanting equal rights to wanting to smash the patriarchy, which she defined for my brother and me as “men’s historical oppression of women, which they continue to do today.” No man could escape complicity, not even little boys, she said. Suddenly, men were the root of all of women’s problems and since they had all the power, we had to fight them.

    Men were always wrong. Men were aggressors; men were rapists; men were stupid; men were obsessed with their penises; men were responsible for forcing my mother into a heterosexual marriage and motherhood. Mary Daly and Andrea Dworkin had become her prophets. She never once said that “patriarchy” wasn’t synonymous with “men.” She used the terms interchangeably. She told us we’d been forced on her by the patriarchy and, given the choice, she would not have had us.


    We moved from the suburbs to Chicago when we began high school. My mom and her wife were deep in their grad program and entrenched with the women from the coffeehouse. Many of them wouldn’t read books written by men or see movies with male protagonists. Most of the women were nice to me and my brother but it was made clear to us that some of their friends wouldn’t come over because there was a teenage boy in the apartment. They were separatists and wanted to live completely apart from men.

    I was stunned. “But he’s your son!”

    “He’s still male,” my mom said. “And if I didn’t have a son, I’d probably be a sep, too.”


    My mom started encouraging me to “find a nice girl to fool around with.” She told me any woman who had sex with men wasn’t a feminist. She told me all heterosexual sex was rape “by definition.” When I asked her if she meant I was a product of rape, she told me I was “letting myself get raped” every time I had sex with my boyfriend.



    On Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported that a school in Oxford has become the first to introduce “Good Lad” workshops, in which boys are singled out for sessions that teach them about “the scale of sexual harassment and violence aimed at female students” and how they must stand up for women’s rights.

    The workshops are the latest in a mushrooming series of initiatives in which ideologically-driven activists are being invited into schools, driven by the belief that boys need to be re-educated to prevent them from becoming a threat to women.


    And while feminist make male victims of female violence invisible and try to prevent that they get any help,

    Feminist lies about domestic violence and omission of violence against men published in the Guardian corrected

    Unfortunately, while some in the force clearly appreciate just how sexist and disgraceful it is to whitewash from existence some 40% of domestic violence victims, the message still hasn’t got through at Baird’s office. Whilst Baird kept silent on the matter and blocked male victims of domestic violence who complained, Snaith’s approach was somewhat different and it’s abundantly clear from her Twitter feed that she supports the discrimination against male victims in the posters 100%.


    In 2015, the police also released a tweet in which they encouraged both women and men to denounce abuse from their partners. Again, hordes of feminists attacked them, asking the police to NOT encourage man to denounce their abusers, in what was a very clear show of what feminism is about in Spain.


    In fact, given men’s superior strength it’s noteworthy that so many women initiate violence against them. The fact is that many men hold back.

    Professor Archer has noted that, among female college students, 29 per cent admitted initiating an assault on a male partner. Of those women, half said they had no fear of retaliation. In other words, far from assuming that men are violent, women (sometimes wrongly) take men’s non-aggression for granted.


    It’s all part of the “cross-government narrative” on violence against females introduced in 2011 by the coalition. You can read about this on the Home Office website, which states that in 2012-13 around 1.2 million women suffered domestic abuse. “We are determined to support victims”, it intones, and “to make sure perpetrators are brought to justice.”

    One of the consistent challenges I faced throughout the making of this film was the fact that people don’t want to talk about the vulnerability of men, by making a gender inclusive statement of what victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse, I made people really uncomfortable to the point of rejection of the idea and, of course, my film.

    (…) Another challenge was dealing with misandry disguised as feminism, women who, not only reject the idea of men being victims of any sort, but hated the fact that I was talking about the facts and bringing the statistical data into the conversation – leading to their verbal attacks towards my person and my film.


    Emma Watson wants men to join feminism to help women!


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