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Beginning Vacation 2016

My third university semester is over!

Status: halfway done cleaning through all the mess that piled up during the semester (I found several old papers that I want to read through – a Samuel Johnson and Les Misérables paper, for instance)

Listening to: this gorgeous siren playlist

Book last read: I finished Blue Lily, Lily Blue this morning – such a good book. I am torn between my favourite character being Adam Parrish or Noah Czerny.

Movie last watched: Yesterday I watched Disney’s Descendants with my best friend Emma. While the Disney Channel movies/shows aren’t my favourite thing in the world, I quite enjoyed this movie. It follows the characters from Melissa de la Cruz’s Isle of the Lost – the children of Maleficent (Mal), Jafar (Jay), the Evil Queen (Evie), and Cruella de Ville (Carlos – who is a precious child who must be protected at all costs). Given a chance at another life in the Kingdom of Auradon, among the Disney heroes and their children, the four children suddenly find themselves realizing that being good actually feels really good.

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Update: The Raven Cycle and The Mortal Instruments

Wow – it’s certainly been a while since I last made a post. It’s been a whirlwind of the past weeks – papers are almost complete, but there’s still exams to follow in the two and a half weeks. But I’m almost there, and my first draft of my paper on Alice in Wonderland, using the theories of Freud and Michel Foucault, is almost complete. I’m listening to Mumford & Sons, have my Western Religions textbook at my feet, and I thought I’d do a quick update before I get back to it all.

The Readathon challenge was a miserable failure, but papers came on a little faster than I had expected they would. I finished with three out of five books – The Book ThiefAlice in Wonderland, and My Anastasia. I definitely enjoyed all three of those books more than I thought I would – reading a childhood book when you’re an adult certainly changes the way you read it, and, thankfully, it was in a good way with these three. I had never realized the relationship between Anastasia and Dunia in Stewart’s was so close and I teared up at least once or twice. There was so many good quotes in The Book Thief – that entire book is such a masterpiece. And Alice, well, I was smiling the entire time I read it.

Besides those three books, I’ve read six others since my last post. Six! I haven’t read so much since I was a little girl, but I guess it helps when you get books from the library and have a clear deadline, otherwise you won’t get to finish the book until the four or five people behind you have finished with it.

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